Ice Vending
Ice Vending
Ice & Water Vending Machine
Cowtown Ice introduces the compact Kooler Ice & Water Vending Machine line of products.

  • Compact size with minimal footprint
  • Automatically produces and stores  ice
  • Automatically bags and dispenses ice
  • Vends fresh filtered water in 1 gallon & 5 gallon increments
Clean, Clear Water and Ice
  • Ice is manufactured on site inside the controlled environment of the machine
  • Ice is stored safely and in a clean food grade insulated plastic bin  inside the machine
  • Ice is bagged then dispensed "on demand" when customer pays
  • Ice is never exposed to human hands
  • No waste of our earth's valuable resources
Compact Vending
  • Because of their compact size the machines can be located almost anywhere outside
  • They are simple for customers to use With the push of a button
  • The machine produces sigle bags or double bags of fresh ice using filtered or reverse osmsosi water
  • The machine is also designed to dispense 1 gallon or 5 gallons of filtered or reverse osmosis water
  • Vend price is based on market conditions and can be adjusted easily as needed by owner on site
Keep Track of Your Sales and Machine status
  • The unit is designed to be used and maintained by anyone, regardless of their technical ability
  • The Kooler Ice Vending Machines are "smart" and will track sales as well as machine mechanics automatically
  • With the standard "Icetalk" wireless web based monitoring system, a two way line of communication allows for notificatinos of machines alarm events as well as ice maker health
  • As well the standard "Icetalk" wireless web based monitoring system also allows owner to reset alarms and vend ice remotely 

"Fresh and Ready When You Are", the product line of Kooler Ice and Water Vending Machines is the future in point of sales packaged Reverse Osmosis Ice and Water vending machines.

Kooler Ice Vending Machines
Kooler Ice Video
Made in the USA

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